Be Like Donald

Ever since the election of the “billionaire” Developer/Reality Star Donald J. Trump to president I’ve tried to figure out a way to ignore the reality around me. I mean, ostriches stick their head in the sand for a reason, maybe there was a way I could do that too for the next four years? But every day the feeling that something fundamental and ugly has happened won’t go away.

When the Supreme Court handed the 2000 election to George Bush I was angry. I felt there were shenanigans. I knew the government of the United States would change and policies I didn’t support would be implemented. I worried about the effect those policies would have. Programs and funding would definitely be in danger. The thing that never crossed my mind, though, was that America itself, the character of its people, the common bonds of our shared history and struggle, the essential goodwill of its citizens toward one another, would be in danger.

Donald Trump, though, is a political anomaly. That’s what we keep hearing. That’s what his supporters love. He is an “outsider”, a “man of the people”. An 80’s Gordon Gecko/Patrick Bateman-esque leftover turned fake boss on TV copper-tongued carnival barker, here to heroically rip power from Washington and deliver it on a made-in-the-USA golden platter to the tragically wronged, oppressed white male. Those poor good ol’ boys that never had a break in the world.

I mock because it’s better than crying.

Maybe I am just a snowflake…

Have you seen that word flying around in comment threads and Facebook posts? I wonder what the uptick in use of “snowflake” as an online insult has been since the election. This is what I worry about. When you elevate a bully in position and power, all the little tyrants come out and parrot their idol. Like when everybody started to ‘Be Like Mike.’

People ask what the point of the Women’s March is, and it’s exactly stuff like this. Let’s be honest, when people accuse somebody online of being a snowflake, what they really mean is faggot or pussy. It’s implying a sensitivity that is a weakness. It’s a way to try to emasculate the opponent and dismiss an argument. “What? You think Trump refusing to answer questions from CNN and labeling things fake news has dire consequences for freedom of the press and transparency? Don’t be such a snowflake.”

Because “real men” love Trump, and they aren’t worried about facts or ethics or unity! Real men think women going to the bathroom is disgusting. Real men know it takes a bully in charge to get things done.

Oh, what a vile precedent, what a slimy president.

When you normalize the ugly side of politics it’s hard to clean it up again. This is what got over 3 million people into the streets. This is not normal. We will not get over it.

Trump wages a war of chaos. The more lies, the more insults, the more distractions that he can concoct, the more he can sell this strongman fantasy to his followers. And the more they buy it.

By using Twitter, and now Spicer, as the generator of this shit storm, he becomes the vortex, the source, and therefore, in a twisted way, the only constant throughout the chaos (even as he waffles and bends and retreats and contradicts on position after position). And this is how he manages to seem like the only place for shelter and security to those who can’t see past their own echo chamber. What’s happening, though, is that he’s the goddamn eye of the hurricane, and there’s more destruction to follow, much more. Because the destruction is originating from him. And like any hurricane, it’s only goal is feed itself and grow.

We’re in a deeply divided country. The Left doesn’t just oppose him like we opposed Bush. Those of us in the cities and Blue States and College Towns and yes, even some of us living amid the “carnage” of the Rust Belt, reject him. We will not accept being fooled by somebody posting prop photos and selling lies and manipulating the public in a way reminiscence of authoritarian regimes. We don’t need tin pot dictators obsessed with crowd size. We don’t need demands for total allegiance.

And for the security of our beloved country we can not trust a businessman with bizarre ties to Russia leading our foreign policy, whose shadowy connections could dictate whether our Armed Forces are subjected to mortal danger, or whose lust for military chest beating could ignite worldwide war. America should lead the way toward freedom. Not away from it. The statue of liberty holds her torch high in the air, strong and steady, for all to see; she’s not waving it around, swiping back and forth, chasing back the tired and poor.

This is not normal.

Trump’s cynical spirit and hateful heart has infected the national ethos. His behavior toward women has been like a (pun intended)  unwanted rubdown. He made pussy-grabber a thing. His energy is airborne. You feel his breath in the wind. You can smell that fecund mix of Tic Tac and bullshit in the air. Historically we’ve always been defined by our leaders. They represent an era in America’s thinking. A feeling more than anything. There’s no denying America has become a lot uglier in the last year, mostly due to the ego of one man and his ability to stir the pot over and over. There is division and strife and vitriol and anger like never before. America has elected the first television drama queen to lead us through the darkness. A man whose only concern for the truth revolves around having enough b-roll and clever editing to pull it off.

We will not get over it.

Obama offered Hope and Change. Unity and togetherness. Yes we can. (Say what you will about the results…) Donald predicts doom and destruction that only he can fend off.

This is frightening propaganda.

Be wary of the man offering you the moon. When you’re looking up, he’s going to kick you in the nuts.

We are under threat. Trump is not here to just build a wall on the southern border, he wants to also build one around the 1%’s ability to exploit and profit off of the American Public. He wants to get rid of regulations that protect the worker, that protect the environment. He aims to muzzle dissent as weak or disloyal to America. Jesus, people, he’s not giving the power back to you, he’s using you to take more power for himself and his billionaire buddies!

Potter’s not selling, he’s buying!

I can’t ignore this. I can’t stick my head in the sand and find a happy place for four years. I can’t stand silent while my country is being gaslit by a crooked pack of liars.

I won’t stop drinking the toilet water.

We must resist. But we also have to remain calm. Don’t chase every tweet, every flying debris. Bend but don’t break.

A hurricane needs hot air to survive.



One thought on “Be Like Donald

  1. “Trump is not here to just build a wall on the southern border, he wants to also build one around the 1%’s ability to exploit and profit off of the American Public.” This is what I’ve been trying to find the words to say for 2 months, and you just said it exactly right. Thank you. We’ve got a hell of a lot of work ahead. At least we’re in it together.

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