Warm Cocoa

My apartment is so dark and cold
there is a penguin smoking in the kitchen
I keep my beers in the mailbox.
There are people moving out for warmer climes.

The wind chimes rattle skeletal bones
I touched with the excitement
of a hummingbird’s heart.

In the polar blur of this cold war
I stitched a scarf made of barb wire
and wore my best Jesus slacks.

And we blessed this terrible mess
and we kissed these horrible lips
and we took pictures of creatures
and posted our monsters online
and I watch in a hipster haze
these questionable days fade.

Come pick out my tie
and let me die in your eyes.

I’m watching the pigeons
wander the fountain
reflecting my own peckish,
unsettled hunger
my own walking on coins
and I smile like a
banker’s embezzlement
at life’s little devilish

Alliteration avalanche
Ice skating on an ice cream cone.

Come home
I got your warm blanket
and your cocoa on
the stove.



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