Soup Made of Wine

Drifting, sailing
Cindy Lauper
I’m a motherfucking
world traveler
word scavenger
scrabble champion
I’m pouncing
on the Pantheon
like springs
on trampolines
–nuns with bad habits
crooked on their heads
I took a book to bed
and woke up in
Brooklyn where no trees
go let’s head home
to the tombstone
to orthodontics
and trombones
green eggs and ham
8 billion people
my fam
I’m on the lam
like a lion spying
on his neighbor’s girl
what a crazy world
–I dodged a bullet
but took a knife
to my side with nowhere
to hide I figured
I’d make truth from the lie
pastrami and rye
the Dhali Lama shot me down
drinking soup made of wine
in a suit made of crying
well designed by
a motherfucking
alien I’m a sucker
for high heels
and Mabeline


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