Walk All Over

An adventurer, not a conqueror…

Road trip to Pangea,
One-way ticket to Xanadu.
Come hold my hat,
while I go looking for Atlantis.

Out at sea, I feel the distance
pooling in my pocket like lint,
a pileup of things discarded.
Postcards from last year.
Bicycle training wheels.
Those letters I never wrote.

I’m a sucker for a good love song.

The ocean reflecting off
the lighthouse makes me
want to be a shipwrecked ship —
Goddamn it’s so beautiful.

And the sweat making your skin
glisten and shine in the club
as you dance to Drake,
even as you dance to Drake…
It, too, more beautiful
than I can comprehend.

Me, too, more alive
than I can understand.
Life, as well, well,
I’m sure you get it.

The night comes in flashes.
Like poison ivy rashes
or oatmeal cookie batches.
Depends on the moon
and its frozen shadow
as it does its nightly circling.

I’m the astronaut not watching Earth.
Come use me for a good time,
I don’t mind. I’m the pirate with
two eye patches.  Come raid
my ship, I’m walking in the dark.

When the world ends, I’m sure
I’ll still be sweeping up
the pieces of last night’s party.

So watch where you throw that confetti,
and watch how hard you kiss me,
because I can’t sweep up your
lingering taste.

An observer not a policeman.


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