The Tac

I’m the canister man. The snake-in-the-can man.
The cartoon Saturday shake it up man.
The suntan man. The one-man band man.
I’m the calendar in the crappper man.
A Dapper Dan man.

I am the whispering wind. The magician’s wand.
I’m Walden pond. The forgotten one.
I’m fishing in a wishing well.
I am the wizard’s spell.

I’m a dogbowl of mouthwash.
I’m hogwarts and holy on the canoli.
I’m a cheese danish of strange shit.
I’m an anti-war stop sign.
I’m the flowering cactus.
The junky’s mattress.

Let’s go around the room and share our gloom.

Let’s get something blue.

Something new.

I’m the tac in the tic-tac-toe.

Just let it go.


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