sugar Cane isLAnd

Take me in chains to Sugar Cane island,
with the dogs of whomever brought you.
I’m waking up early to go back to sleep.
I’m hiding notes in coconuts.
I’m hibernating with bears.

The easy life has never been so hard.

With the taxidermied fox and the model airplane
and the long summer days that flooded
into warm summer nights, I held the secrets
of the stars in a banana leaf wrapper. And then I spilled
them in a bath of saltwater. And the satellites all took photos.
And you drove over in the van. And I took this heart of clay
and made an ashtray. And the papaya tree was strung with lights.
And every island breeze that blew carried a magical wish.
And when mine was granted, I spun a sweet dervish,
all swaying and pinwheeled. And when I fell down the steps,
you laughed in a way that
didn’t hurt.

There is an email from my accountant in my computer
and a birthday card slipped under the door
and a tattoo on her inner thigh
and a suspicion bird
in the wallpaper.

There are owls under the roof.

Crows perched on the wire.

There is sapphire burning in the fire.

and bent.

2016-03-05 20.19.55


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