Butterfly Wings

Tumbling, turning torrent,
keep me calm, keep me numb,
keep me raw, keep me current.

Irrelevancy is no currency,
I’m in debt to forgetfulness.

I don’t want to grow up. I don’t want to die.
I want to see your eyes when I surprise you
with a child. Sweetly smelling like shiiiitttttt……

But we coo all night just the same.

One become two become three.

Spinning, spiraling somersault,
let me be, let me live,
let me go, let me off.

Three become two become one.

Interstitial relationship,
I’m broke on artichoke dip.

One is one.

I came up for air. I came to see you leave.
I didn’t come to be at your beckon call.
I came to push your ship to sea.

Like a Viking funeral,
burn everything down.

Crawling, cannonballing chaos,
make me run, make me hide
make me repent, make me one.

Traverse and travel and unravel
the Scrabble pieces you’ve been

spell it out….

We are the writers of the wind.
Ignoring me isn’t a possibility,
I’m high on butterfly wings.

I flew to Istanbul.
I met you in the lobby, it was odd:
Your eyes so cobalt
I froze in salt.

Now I know what can break
a diamond.


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