Run Over Mountains, Swim Under Stars (Live Courageously)

Tear open your chest. Embrace that vulnerability. You are hurt. You are joy. Do not seek either. You cannot walk ten feet in front of yourself, nor even one.  Feel each step as if for the first time. Wet grass. Rough cement. Soft dirt. Spongy asphalt. The Earth is your home.

Run over mountains. Swim under stars.

We’re perpetually changing, anatomically speaking. Spiritually speaking. Each second is a completely new one. Can you feel each one? As if experiencing a birth 60 times a minute… wouldn’t that be incredible?

Wouldn’t that change your life?

Own every thought, but don’t keep them in your pocket. When they arrive, don’t run — you won’t escape — just greet them like a stranger or a cousin or a co-worker or a lover. Or a ghost.

It all depends.

Don’t fight yourself. Did you clumsily drop and break a dish? That’s okay. Just be more careful. Did you say the wrong thing? Then make amends. Are you not strong enough, pretty enough, smart enough?

Yes you are.

Love wildly, like trying to set a new world record for love. Love your family and love your friends. Love the barista making your coffee. Love the man with his cup held out, asking for change. Unleash love across the world like an atom bomb. Love that travels sky high.

Start with yourself.

Watch good films. Read. Say hello to your neighbor in the hall. Write poetry. Run in the park. Cut down on sugar. Try different haircuts. Learn a new language. Ride a bike. Be better. Live righteous. Meditate. Accept. Forgive.

Drink apple juice.

Go into the future bravely. Everything will change, but if you’re on the righteous path, you will continue arriving at your true self. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. It hides as much beauty as it does despair. Do not grasp at either. You’ll only end up falling.

When you grasp you leave yourself behind.

There is no perfection, except in honesty. Your scars are a record of triumph as much as failure. Keep exploring. There was a time we thought we could sail off the face of the Earth.

We won’t.

There is so much wonderment in the world it’s overflowing. Shut down Instagram. Delete Facebook. All you need is right in front of you. That whispering wind. Those skinny palm trees. That mural in the alley. The sound of a child giggling. Your hand wrapped in mine.

The feeling of being loved.

To be whole, you have to let go of the holes. They are not who you are. When you try to plug them with distraction and attachment, you only make them larger. Keep working on the parts of you that are solid, until those parts of you fill the holes: like kindness, intelligence, curiosity, and love. Those are the only things that can plug the holes.

Your sense of self is your greatest weapon. Do not dull it on the trappings of vice.

We are all headed to the same place. Life lends us our bones until death calls them back. Use this time to paint the world. Smile. Leave your door open. Meet somebody whose energy turns you on. Turn the volume up on your heart.

It’s the finest musical instrument known to man.

Throw away the remote control. Sit with your breath till your soul is still. Embrace your deformed inner child. Find that thing that makes you nervous, makes you scared, but you can’t live without. Live courageously, pure.

Stop writing cheesy inspirational bullshit.

Go and be.


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