Trouble in Cincinnati

Waiting in Departures
for your suitcase of big dreams…
But the plane landed and
you were not on it.
So I called you…
But you did not pick up.
So I checked the date
and today
the day.

I wondered if you got into that stuff again.

So I called your mom
but I got her voicemail.
So I called your best friend
and she picked up.

And through the tears your friend explained…
there was a truck and it was snowing and you were running late for the airport like always and really it’s nobody’s fault it was just bad weather and bad timing and a really blind curve but I can feel comforted that you really were looking forward to moving to L.A. and living with me and thought that your life had finally hit that turning point where your dreams were in reach and the sun would do you well and all that bad stuff in Cincinnati was behind you. It really was.

You’d expect to fall apart from such a phone call,
but all I could think about was how I was going to have
to drive home alone now, and how much traffic there would
be on the 405.

There was snow in the mountains.
The radio said it was supposed to rain tonight.
Space Oddity by David Bowie came on.
I started to cry, not for you, but for a song,
a song that maybe was about you.
The stars look very different today…
And because I didn’t know what else to do.
There wasn’t any traffic on the 405.
It was a Sunday.


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