Akron, Ohio

There was a lizard on the hallway wall…
It’s one of things about the tropics, she explained,
lizards everywhere. The hotel had an actual key
for the lock. I hadn’t seen that in a long time.
This place is totally old school, she said, I like it.
Her eyes were like mini LEDs, illuminated
and modern.

We made love… it was sweaty… she’s young.
When I’m on top I feel like I’m crushing her.
The tropics, huh? I joked when  I rolled off of her.
She laughed. There was a lizard inside the room
as well. See, she said, pointing, lizards everywhere.

This is my first time out of the country. Sara’s been

I put on my boxers and checked for a mini bar,
when I couldn’t find one I got dressed and
went down to the lobby. There was a man
reading the paper. I rang the bell. After
a couple of minutes waiting, I rang
the bell again. The man folded the paper
and stood up. Can I help you? He asked.
Do you work here? The man shrugged,
as if he didn’t quite know the answer.

There was a lizard on the lobby wall as well.

I thought about my son back home
in Ohio… Akron… with my ex-wife.
His birthday was on Saturday. I sent him
a plastic toy. I thought about Sara back
in the room. Pictured her playing with
the remote. I could hear the ocean and
thought about the animals swimming
around in it. The man grinned at me.
The lizard ran up the ceiling and hung
upside down. I decided against the bottle.

No, I’m good, I told him. He sat back down.


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