Dance Because You’re Happy or Because You’re Sad or Because You Just Want to Move Your Stupid Feet

EDM shook the walls and the crowd cheered along to the giant drops. She didn’t really know what she was doing there, and with a complete stranger! He was good looking, but in that totally manufactured way, everything too trim and airbrushed-looking.

He grabbed her hand and tried to lead her out into the madness of the dance floor, bright multi-colored lights pulsing over a sea of convulsing bodies. She resisted.

“I don’t like to dance to music like this,” she explained.

He said, “But it’s dance music.”

“Yeah, but it’s just too energetic.”

“It’s dancing, you’re supposed to be energetic.”

“I guess, it’s just too much,” she told him and then excused herself to the bar.

While waiting for the bartender’s attention, she pulled her phone out and looked through Instagram at nothing in particular,  wondering if dating was always going to be like this.

The bartender finally appeared. He asked, “What would you like?”

The words entered her ears and traveled through her body, leaving her frozen. Her mind entered a dark trance. When she finally opened her mouth to speak invisible moths took their escape.


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