Tuna Underbelly

When in the fjord of your life, swim to the mountaintop.

I’m vain, I’m made of lace and champagne.
I like the finer things. Dancing in the rain.
Shouting your name.

Write me a fan letter, I’ll pin it to my sweater.

Surprisingly fawn and gentle, you sauntered into my life.
Exited like a grizzly trapped in a gas station bathroom.
Now the days are stitched patchwork of bland distraction.
Bottles filling the space where the fights used to go.
Polishing halos with Saudi Arabian petroleum.

Deconstructed delirium.
Grey Goose and Valium.
Designer pandemonium.

Walked into the bar with an Indian headdress,
ordered a scotch and watched the soccer game,
alone, checking my stocks online,
wearing argyle socks and black boxers.
I’m the American Undisturbed.

My heart is a bleeding blister. Come to me
and whisper my name. I’ll write yours
on seven sea shores.

It’s a short drive.
End of the road.
House on the right.
Down the hall.
Door is open.

I am waiting.


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