Oyster Ice Cream Horror Parade

Eating ice cream with crystals…
floating in a river of thistle,
we shatter and break
and kiss under the missiles
as World War 3 seeps into the room,
you flip the pillow, go back to sleep
and let your dreams fizzle.

Wear a necklace of frazzled days like leis in Hawaii.
As we walk tip-toe across the Minnesota skyway
the stars pinball, I’m on the corner making a call,
gum stuck on the pay phone… it’s ringing…
nobody’s home.

I’m a lemon wedge in a pregnant lady’s water glass…
I’m a snicker from a child who’s allergic to tickles…
I’m a lost glove riding the subway all night…

A dozen oysters and she’s still grousing about her ex.
The grand marshal of this horror parade is buried under confetti.
There’s a black fly playing possum — without the ‘O’ in front.

I’m a man in a yellow jacket giving the thumbs-up…

The planet’s wobble
water in my shoe…
talk to me like we’re friends
leave me like a lover.

Put a rose in my mouth
then brush my thorny teeth.
A man is only a man
as long as he has something
to read. I’m a bottlecap rapper
just trying to find a beat.

The hourglass sand dune dooms us all.

I’m a vagabond voyager
lost on easy street.



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