Myna Bird’s Cobalt Eye

I am a myna bird’s cobalt eye.
Saturday’s televised poltergeist.
Chernobyl’s lemonade sunset skies.

Learning on the fly.

Caught in a blueberry bush.
Drowning in a subway push.

I’m skating through the city,
just a willing civilian,
looking for something pretty.
A broken bottle in an oil-slicked
puddle glistening…

I fly the highest kite.
Shoot two middle fingers in the air
when I flip you the bird.
My curse takes flight.
My word is my might.
Make a fool of myself, I don’t care.
My wanderings are my plight.

I’m born tonight.

When I’m lost, I’m found.
When I escape, I’m trapped.
When I’m home, I’m gone.

I died tonight.

We’re all pigeons, carrying
messages on our feet,
gray wings and black eyes,
just trying to cross the street.
Shuffling, tucking in our wings,
everything shimmering….
Mike Tyson in the ring…

Round two.
I’m down for the count.
On the roof, on roofies…
Let’s make babies like crazy.
I’m down for you.

Processed with VSCOcam


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