Questions Begging For a Treat

Do you save the best for last?
Or do you eat it first?
Do you eat the crust?

When you catch somebody smiling,
do you smile back?
Or do you bat your eyelash,
and wish you had?

Do you curse at traffic?
Or get on Instagram?

Do you drink dark beer?
Do you read in bed?
Do you watch reality TV?

Do you hate the sound of your voice,
when it’s played back to you?
Do you ever get a crush on someone you just met?
Do you ever hold your breath when they enter the room?

Do you like to stand on your head
and feel the blood rush down to it?
Do you get excited when your mom calls?
Do you like to play air drums
to the beginning of Black Dog?

Do you answer questions from strangers?

Do you know what your first words were?
Do you ever think they were lying to you?

Do you catch yourself telling the same story,
over and over and over?
Do you ever worry you bore people?

Do you ever wonder if God made the world
so He would have something to laugh at?
Do you ever watch rain collect in puddles,
and wish you were a dolphin?

Do you wish you could play guitar?
Do you wish you weren’t afraid?
Do you wish you could do more than
slide words around a computer screen?

Do you want to cook dinner but have somebody
else do the dishes?
Do you wish you were somebody else?
Do you know the capital of Luxembourg?

Life’s a series of questions,
begging for a treat.
It’s not that complicated,
get up and do something.


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