Wolf On Your Roof

I’m a wolf with my hoof on your roof.
I’m a moose loose in the caboose.
I’m squeezing juice from a noose.
You’re stuck on simple,
I’m hiding like a pimple.
We all got the collywobbles.
Walls collapsing like…
socio-economic systems.
I’m the murderer and the victim.
The dolt and the lightning bolt of wisdom.
Wanna be my paypal?
Be my lover and stay awhile?
My friendster?
Kiss my Facebook.
Stay out Myspace.
Wanna be my
downloadable file?
Easily digestible,
with a head full of vegetables,
making just left turns.
I burn, I learn, I merge.
Everybody wants to be a bird,
but nobody knows how to fly away.
Everybody wants to be king for a day.
Everybody has something to say.
I sit on the stoop looking stupid,
looking for cupid, a new you
to deal with my sewage.
Wasting days like pastrami
folding inward like origami,
drop drama on a llama.
We pause like a comma
whenever our lover
walks in with the pharma…
See… what I’m doing here,
I’m on ya’. Clear… as a
long trip after a bong rip,
we can make this shit disappear,
as long as you wanna.
In the meantime — some me time.
Chewing eucalyptus and eucharist.
In the rear view, the thought bubble…
“you the best.”



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