My Love is Magnanimous

Somewhere between Tomorrowland and the churro stand
there was a boy who lost his way upon the ocean grey
put Jesus in his pocket and the devil in his locket
pierced his ears and his eyes were fiercely weird
if you meet him alone you better have a phone
call 911, oh shit, it’s a busy tone

it’s a busy tone…

there’s a long groaning road leading to my small lonely home
where I live with the bric-a-brac and the riff raff
Machu Picchu, senoritas, pizza, and a tarp lean-to
bean burritos and a dirty heart so see-through
it dissolved in the anthrax and Ajax
and the schoolyard payback

so just lay back… relax

Do you remember driving through ghost towns and the cold hard ground?
Do you remembering ironing your black pants and burying your aunts?
Did you forget to send me the postcard or even cold call?
Did you forget to write the poem or come home?

Come home…

There’s a planet of blues in my granite shoes
Climbing Mt. Rushmore with a bottle of booze
Can’t stand up because that’s how time moves
There’s a series of dues from the life you choose

Sign me up and ship me off
Heartstrings pulled taut like guitars’
fall apart when the stars
disappear behind the purple veneer
I hear angel tears any time you’re near

Sing to me in Spanish, baby, I’ll love ya’ crazy
Cook for me in Italian, dear, I’ll kiss you all year
we can be a ship of fools of two, just me and you

It’s a shivering wind blowing down on us
quivering our skeletons are scandalous
withering from the chill we can handle this
my love is magnanimous.


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