Hemingway’s Rap

Homer built worlds from his words,
but never stepped on a red carpet.

William wrote the most and changed the world,
but his shirts made him look like a woman.

Ernest was earnest and right about bulls and Cuba,
but when it came to his drinking, he’d only shout, “Yolo!”

Jack hung with Neil and Allen and smoked cigarettes,
but when the crush came he ran off to Big Sur alone.

Hunter liked to shoot guns and talk shit,
but when shit went bad, he turned it on himself.

J.D gave us Haulden,
but never wanted to give us J.D.

Kurt was a little bit nerdy,
but the bitches loved him for it.

Chuck wanted us to fight,
but when we did he said it’s just a book.

The moon is tilted and chalky and when I walk up it,
the man there says, “Boy, I didn’t know you could fly.”


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