Brittle and Break

Candle burning down to its sulfurous end.
It was soy, ten dollars, vanilla/sage.
I bought it with a bottle of wine.
The man behind the counter smiled at me in a creepy way.
We were young, splashing around in the sea of our naivety.
I dangled it, like offering small fish to bigger fish.
I strangled it, like Homer’s hands around Bart’s neck.
I hummed the last note, like a blindfolded man before the guns roared.
I sunk the last boat, like Poseidon on the wrong side of the bed.

I love life, but I don’t love this life.

One more beer for the road… nowhere to go.
Holding on to my head, rolling around the grave.

Mother, where did you hide? My mind does seek.
Brother, where am I? This shit doesn’t have a creek.
It’s just me and my dog. And he won’t speak.
I’m a poor man. We’re all going to inherit the weak.

The angels I meet, they’re pretty when they lie.
Prettiest when they cry. Their wings
are kept in formaldehyde. I break character
when I whisper sweet nothings. I get nothing,
but the devil is kept in the vegetable crisper.

My cell phone lights up. My ride’s outside.
I go down the stairs, but nobody’s there.
I brittle and break major earthquakes.
I shake little hemorrhages, like a man
who drank too many beverages.

Come inside my heart, you’ll realize,
it’s broken, shaken, crooked.
But still, I’m trying to smooth it out,
like a paper airplane. Let’s throw it!
Over the Great Lake.

We are the scouts, earning a badge.
Kiss me, and let me earn a badge.
You’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen…
You’re the cancer on my tongue.


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