Emergency Rumor

Tinsel crown
hospital gown
take the proper dose
keep your love close
stand on the ledge
prune the bets hedge
staples in your stomach
kiss her lips and plummet
life is way too fucking short
for the kid they forgot to abort
putting together the puzzle
underneath the IV bubble
looking out over this polished city
metastasizing with furious velocity
in every direction
like a teenage erection
thoughts coagulate
like blood on a plate
my jokes are juvenile
my humor puerile
stick a needle in my arm
19 milliliters of charm
injected into your heartbeat
a smile made of Sanskrit
to destroy any Egyptian tumor
close down the emergency rumor
pull me in on a cold gurney
sign the papers with your attorney
board a bus to the mental ward
to lose this love I can no longer afford


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