Drive, Just Drive

seeing you again… awkward, like two exclamation points!! Me, with nowhere to go, standing outside Vons… you, walking toward me in the parking lot, swerving around parked cars like a tiger in bulrush… when you reach me, surely you’ll pluck out my heart and take a bite out of it like an apple, I’ll crumble deliriously, for sure… but for now there is just the ever-expanding, slow motion image of your approach, gliding, sashaying, each joint and limb fluid beauty, somehow turning the asphalt into a fashion show runway with your confidence, your radiating sexuality… a loaded gun aimed you know where… dread and excitement pours out like sweat… my pulse quickens… the way your tank top showcases your breasts and your smile slashes like a machete… you almost reach me, I’m almost kidnapped by the smell of your hair, we are almost sucked into each others orbits again, but just then a car backs up and stops in front of us, interrupting the moment, for which I’m as grateful as a cancer patient in remission, an answered prayer, a prayer I didn’t have the guts to get down on my knees and make… because I want you so badly that should you give yourself to me my soul will belong to hell… and I realize how lost this would make me, how carved-out and hollow, how insufferably in love… so instead of saying something stupid like, “Hi there,” and opening my arms to receive you, I open the door to this stranger’s car, hop in the backseat next to their bags of groceries and shout, “Drive, just drive!”



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