Ravaged 247

Totally ravaged, right?
That’s the Ravaged 247 Hot Car!
Fuel injected piss-point V9.
It flies 0 to Fuck You in 1.2 seconds.
Got a killer interior made of buffalo skin.
The exhaust kicks out 23 virgins per second.
Pollutes three cities at once.
You want to take a ride?
We can take the top off and shoot hummingbirds.
Their stupid hearts beat too fast anyway.
We can inflate the tires into hot air balloons.
We can float over the ocean to Indonesia.
Scratch that, let’s go somewhere cold.
Norway? We can throw bear fur on us and make out.
Your lips are like pistons, firing me up.
This car will take us to the moon.
Where we’ll throw up our feet and sip margaritas.
Put a zebra in the backseat, it’ll fit.
Cargo space for all our silly dreams.
The one where you’re eating pasta,
and accidentally swallow a worm.
This car can swim on the ocean.
It folds itself into a briefcase.
The windshield is lie-proof.
It can speak 22 languages.
Navigate through shit.
Change its own oil.
This car doesn’t give a fuck!
I’m the driver. Tell me where to go.
Anywhere but home.


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