Bob Marley and Drake

My abdomen is taut like a sail pulled tight against the wind.
My arms bulge like Indian mounds before the White Man.

Everything I do is poetic and true.
I’m wild like every animal in a zoo.

Lights turn green when I drive near.
Everything I’ve ever seen
is exactly how it appears.

And Jesus died
but came back to life
just for me, and I don’t
even believe.

Science tries to design
what my mind has already

This world was assembled
so I could destroy it.
So I could remember
what the greedy boys did.
And all
the flirty girls
with all
their big ol’ curls.
And all
the little pearls
in all
their big ol’ shells.
where I went
they were talking of hell.

if you ask me

this place is kinda swell.

I’d like
to sit and talk
with you a spell.

the celestial spectacle
evolve immaculately
beneath the pedestal
we stood
on a mountain range
and sang
heavenly choirs
on mescaline
in broken down
leaning on walls
of wonderment
the world leaves its
leaves on
shit and cement
and here you
talking into a dent
I wish every particle
and interstitial
was tender and miniature
we splinter into
gossip and simper
avoid looking inward
and I hope you know
what I want for dinner
and I hope I know
how to answer your whimper
I’m a fucking forest in the timber
painted landscapes
I made
when my mind drifted
in the scene
a magical escapade
we barely escaped
to Bob Marley
and Drake.


My heart is a grape.
Squash it. Let’s get drunk.
Let’s go misbehave.


Fuck you.
Fuck me.
Time is an envelope
you need to lick.
Put the stamp
on sleep-away camp.
I’m calling from the drift.


New World Order’s
just begun.


I’m a little man tambourine.
Jimmy Dean sizzling.


One thought on “Bob Marley and Drake

  1. “Everything I’ve ever seen
    is exactly how it appears.”
    tricky lol

    “Science tries to design
    what my mind has already
    thats JUST like science….

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