Salt and Pepper Spray Shrimp

salt and pepper spray shrimp
taking acid rain at the rave
I’m in the primate of my life
wearing a crepe and a smile
won’t you stay awhile?
do you like Nutella?
clockwork Orangutan
you’re a cell phoney
locked up in presumptions
I’m not a mouse, I’m a mannequin
son of a bit torrent
I’m a hu-minute-to-win-it
first rule of food fight club
my car doesn’t make right turnips
find your own ride to the shopping maul
I’m undone like a broken button
kicked in the oceans
interloping antelope
you’re the monkey to my heart
unlock my safe haven
these prison bars close at two
such angelic antiseptic
son of a stun gun
the cleaning lady left a
wonderment on your pillow
when she made up your mind
it’s the night of your life preserver
call your mom and pop star
your uncles and antlers


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