The Gummy Bear Army

The gummy bear army is coming for you.
You lay splayed in the grass, on grass, praying to the clouds,
“Oh, great, gray clouds, won’t you come rain on me?”
You cry and beg, plead and rant, but who are you fooling?
The gummy bear army won’t wait for your salvation.

Where were you when so-and-so died?
I was on the mountaintop with my eyes shielded.
I was above the clouds that were raining on you.
Oh, what a very cruel thing to say.
You say…

See, I’d rather play the fool than not have a part.
I’d rather have it broken into pieces than not have a heart.
I run around like an ant on a newspaper nobody reads,
but that doesn’t mean that my little heart doesn’t grieve.

I joined up with the barbed-wired resistance.
We wanted nothing to do with the gummy crusade.
Not everybody’s meant to be adorable and cute.
The barb wires don’t want you to pinch their cheeks.
We don’t giggle when you squeeze our stomach.

If you own a mountain goat, you better own a mountain.
I sit around counting all the days I sat around counting
all the ways I would stand up and amount to something.
But life’s a bitch when you would trade up for lint
because your pockets have nothing.

I was hunting all night for the moon,
but she rose behind the hills,
and she rose too soon.

Don’t drive that fast, everybody warned.

I’m all warm and fuzzy from the whiskey.
Your fears and your tears are distant to me.
I’m on fire in a world made of water and stone.
Please tell your daughter I loved her like my own.

If I have to swim to Alcatraz and lock myself in.
If I have to run to the end of time and come undone.
If I have to surrender to the gummies and cease to render.
If my heart swells twice its size would you be surprised?

Your beard was the best anyone’s seen.
It was the only thing to survive.
I could live one hundred lives
and never be as alive.
And perhaps that’s why
you had to die.

And if I wasn’t such an asshole I’d cry.

It’s alright. The moon is out tonight.
So what’s you poor boys gonna do?
Find a crater to hide out till later?
The reflection on the lake is a fake.

We siphon memories from blurry Polaroids.
We listen to 80’s music emphatically.
We dance lissome and diaphanous.
We eat multi-course meals and belch.

I am your hotel, baby,
when you’re out on the road, in hell,
when you’re looking for a midnight swim,
come home, come home to me.
I got the arms you can crawl inside to hide
from all the wars in this big old world.

But am I a wolf? I don’t know.

Your equations are indicting, that’s how they do math
where nothing adds up. Let’s just freeze time and
fill up our cup. Fuck you. Fuck me. That’s how we
make babies. That’s why the world’s so crazy.

Imagine if it all stopped.

Deep in the woods.

Twice the alcohol content.

Imagine if your mom got that call.

I can’t proceed without a receipt.
But the clerk slammed the register.
Told me, life doesn’t come free.
You need to figure out how to figure it out.

We talked all night under the holiday lights,
while the magnolia trees swayed all dizzy and quiet.
The carnival funeral hummed like a silent riot.
The zombies came out of their graves and danced
like they were at a rave. We clapped and acted excited.
Laughing about how it feels to fly like a pilot.

Those gummies are coming for me.
I wait, patient, like a leaf on the ground.
They want everything sweet.
They want everything laid out in a line.

The lions don’t give out hall passes.
You walk in their den and put your head in their mouths.
I could sit here and twist but I’d rather shout.
The tornado comes and throws us all about.
I’m flailing but still don’t start wailing.

You loved me for being me, but baby,
I don’t know what that is.
Oh, gummy God, keep me safe.
These liars and fakes are shaking me straight.
I write my synopsis upside down in
a gravity shaker…


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