Good Dude

Can I bum a smoke, man?

I’ll get you back.
I’m good like that.
I’m easy to find.
My name’s Larry.

You’ve seen me around, right?
You know me and my old lady.
You’ve got a familiar face.
We’ve been on this block forever.
You got to know us.

Yeah, I was saying, you know,
my old lady is a drag, all she does is nag.
She treats me like I’m spoiled spinach in a can.
That’s what I tell her when she gets going.
I just want to be let out some time, know what I’m saying…
Hey, about that smoke, have you got it, man?


Have you got some time for a joke too?
No. You don’t like comedy? Okay.
You know, it’s a very good joke.
Who doesn’t like comedy?
But that’s fine.
I let people be people.
That’s my motto.
By the way, do you got a match?


It’s nice to be out of the house, you know?
I can stretch my arms and use my outdoor voice,
It’s good to just slow down once in a while.
That’s what I tell the old lady when she listens…
We’re always so busy, everybody running around.
My old lady’s always in a hurry; like a chicken,
just pecking around the kitchen, pecking me.
Do this do that. I love you but you’re terrible.
I know I’m no saint, man, but jeez…
I’m not bird feed either, I tell her.

You know smokes are almost nine dollars a pack?
Oh, of course you do, silly me, nine dollars!

I’d lose my head if it weren’t attached to my neck.

There’s a job fair next month.
I’m thinking of going.
It’s been a rough couple of months,
couple of years, actually.

Oh, you got to run?
Okay. I’ll hold the fort down as they say.
It was good talking to you, man.
It’s good for a man to have friends.
How about I call you sometime,
what’s your number?
What? You don’t have a phone?
Okay, well, I’ll see you around…
It’s a small block, everybody knows me.
Me and the old lady are always out.
Thanks for the smoke, again.
You’re a good dude.
See you around.


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