The forest mist was like a cold sauna,
our flashlights illuminated the trees…
We walked for forty minutes, dragging it here.

Larry said he thought he heard breathing,
he is always so full of shit,
nobody stopped.

Ten years ago a group of locals claimed to have
seen a UFO out here. They were drinking in a pick-up
and a giant blue light appeared, hovering over the trees.
They fled, drove like hell and hit a cow, a farmer’s cow.
Some people accused them of lying
to get out of paying the farmer.

The moon’s heavy light spread out
over the forest, creating a silver curtain.
Ghostly shapes played in the shadows.
Ourselves shadows in the silver curtain.

The soil was rich and gave easily.
You could smell the worms,
upturned by our shovels,
hear them scurrying.
Larry told a joke,
nobody laughed.


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