I’m No Mount Rushmore

You can’t change nature.
Don’t blame the creator.
Although writers write about it,
it doesn’t mean real people feel it.

I hear laughter down the street.
I’m not here…
it’s not meant for me.
I’m somewhere else,
somewhere not free,
somewhere in the debris…
singing along to someone else’s song.

You’re the tortilla left burnt inside the pan.
I’m the man too proud to remain upright.
You were right about every lie you said.
Every insult you uttered went right to my head.

Put it before a jury.
What’s your hurry?
Stage a coup.
Fly the coop.
Fitz and tantrums.
Bullshit anthems.
Let’s go downtown,
where the drinks are free.
Let’s go uptown,
where the shrinks are mean.
Let them diagnose my ghost!
Let them medicate my fate!

I was young once, full of vigor, but immature now.
Used to be smart, but now I’m dumb, what does it matter?
We’re just lumps in the pancake batter.
I speak truth. So do you. There’s still no proof
if we keep climbing we’ll reach the top of the ladder.
I’m on the bottom rung — blowing out my lungs.
Shout so loud I might as well be a bomb.
You call me a bum while you run back to your mom.
We could let go of everything and have nothing.

The black dog stole my son, stole your daughter.
The cloud carried us underneath the rainwater.
The spider threw his picture in the trash.
I had it for six years. After six beers,
you thought you knew me better
than I knew myself,
and maybe you were right.

I’m just a child.
A lost orphan.
A missed abortion.
I’m just a crooked smile.

You need someone stronger than me.
I’m just a flimsy Frisbee.
You need a Mount Rushmore.
I’m just a whore.
You need gold
I’m mold.

I wish this were different.
I wish there was a God.
I wish wishes came true.
I wish I belonged to you.

The wine we spilled was our hearts unfurled.
I hope you gave up hope when you hurled
your lungs your guts and your juvenile dreams
of love extreme…

I hope you claimed your porcelain crown.

I shouted and barely made a sound…

I flailed in the waves but eventually drowned…


13 thoughts on “I’m No Mount Rushmore

  1. It is with much thanks I give to Luke for leading me to this write. Fantastic write with some very heavy aftermath. A mix of rant with some very dark and somber undertones laced with wit and truth. Honest, fast, I like to picture the pen just flying with this as the result.

  2. damn, way to break it off…thanks luke as well for pointing me over…vicious write, tight lines, great imagery and yeah i get the emo as well…great stuff…

  3. Such feeling and sadness come from your pen, but with such boldness, you write again. Thanks for posting this.

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