I’m Like That Cat Thor

Jets. Air streamers.
Chilean Miners.

There is a world above.
And one down here.
A time for Love.
And a time for Fear.
I’m over. I’m under.
I’m your Super Bowl bet.
Put me on Pass. I’ll pass Go.
Be my Cracker Jack prize.
The moon’s here to lasso.
I’ll be your Tequila Sunrise.
We’re chains of atoms,
trying to combine
hearts and thoughts
and minds

We listened to Pearl Jam in fast cars
racing through the dark on Interstates
pass snow-covered lakes.
I hang Stop Signs
on their hinges,
watching my homies
go through binges.
Toasting the last
of the ghosts in
my life.

The night stars glimmer
The lonely fawn shivers
The dawn is here delivering
presents in the shimmering light.
Come on, everybody, get right.
Let’s let our hair down tonight.
dance till our shoes are tight.

Champagne bubbles make your brain
dance in the rain, the pain of trouble
makes the champions abstain. This
Octagon is closing in on the apocalypse.
Everybody’s sweetly, slightly insane.
Fame. Advertising my anonymous breakdown.
Ever since I was trundling through the playground.
The game. It’s nothing you want to hear.
It’s all the same. It’s all gonna disappear.
It’s all the fucking same.

The deer run through the headlights,
a Mustang and a 6-pack of bud light.
A leather jacket and a war to fight.
You doubt I survive, you know I just might.
You doubt I survive, you know I just might.
Bobbing my head back and forth
like I was using the force,
I’m like that cat Thor coming from the North
I’m like that cat Thor coming from the North
my ship’s coming into port…


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