Ephemeral Notices

In the eyes of
my advisers
my styles for
Merc and Phizers
popping pigeons
Cops and Indians
stop your engines
Hop in the Benz
it gets ya nowhere
ethanol flows is
ephemeral notices
that the globe is
spinning hysterically
here it be lyrically
spilled out spiritually
the massacre of this age
masqueraded on the page
you masturbate in a cage
media states translates
everybody’s rants and rage
so boisterous sinking
oyster fish in a pearl
Thinking we’re all kings
of the world
and Megan Fox is my girl
Drinking 12-year-old scotch
we be singing with Orpheus
at the Roxy I got so much Moxy
I took Athena got between her
I would’ve slap-slap- slap Ike
and made love to Tina
I’m a rock star!
You’re just a beginner
I lean into your mind
and paint-paint time
you got a lot of hate
it ain’t mine
it ain’t mine.


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