The Fish and The Pelican

One day in the ocean, 50 years or maybe 500 years ago, who really keeps track of these things? there was a little fish who grew really bored of swimming around in the water. All this swimming really makes me tired, it thought. The next chance that came along the fish found a nice, smooth rock to place its body against and held on.  

 I’d very much like to be a barnacle and not have to swim all the time. This is much better, all that flapping of my fins was getting quite redundant. Being a barnacle is the life!

Some time went by, again, who really knows how long because down in the water there’s no way to tell these things, when the fish decided that it wasn’t particularly exciting being a barnacle either. In fact, being a barnacle is rather repetitive, it thought, I just sit here in my shell all day. 

Just then a pelican landed on the exposed part of the rock and looked down into the water.  “Hey, what do I see here?” This hungry pelican asked.

“Ha! I used to be a fish, but now I’m a barnacle with a nice, tough shell,” the little barnacle replied.

The pelican cocked its giant head and stared through the water with its piercing yellow bird-eyes. “You sure look like a fish to me,” it answered.

The pelican quickly snagged the fish with its long beak and flung it in the air and then caught it again. As it slid down the pelican’s long, extended neck, the fish thought, well, at least I’m not bored any longer.


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