Brake Lights

There are times when I’m stuck in congested L.A. traffic, knuckles clutching the steering wheel in frustration, staring at a sea of brake lights, when I think to myself: damn, “sea of brake lights” sure is cliché. These are the moments  when I force myself to become a better writer than the one I am, the small epiphanies that compel me to say things like, ‘staring at a gulag of pulsing blood-crimson brake lights.’ 

And the following moment, another epiphany! There are times when the well-worn cliché works just fine…


5 thoughts on “Brake Lights

  1. aos, you just keep getting better all the time (oops is that a cliché?)
    been following on g-reader but havent commented til now cuz yr last post and the ones before had me speechless
    btw, the ‘big idea’ is tremendous. you must try to get back there again, and do so until he knows he needs yr talent w/writing and yr great bounty of amazing ideas
    and gives you a fat check for a retainer or something. (he seemed a lot like GMarshall ha ha) wonderful to read about it!

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