Keep Moving Forward

There’s so much pessimism and animosity in the world today.  Especially in politics. The vitriol aimed at our President and his supporters is hateful, inciting and over the top. It’s hard not to let it anger you when you see the Tea Partiers curse out our president and don their garish red, white and blue suits while shouting, “take back our country.”

I have to wonder, ‘from whom?’

I voted for Obama. I still believe in him. Did I steal their country away from them? Since when was it only theirs, and not mine too? Does having the audacity to dress up like Uncle Sam give them more claim to the institutions and laws of this country than the rest of us?

Rather, “Take back our Country” is code for ‘lets elect more God-fearing, ‘Starve the Beast’ republicans into government.’ We’ve been there. Christ, we just came from there! I have news for Glenn Beck and the Tea Party Klan, we are not a theocracy. We are a secular country and we’re pretty well off being that way. The last thing I want in MY COUNTRY are leaders that pander to the religious zealots that populate the Tea Party movement.

I appreciate Science. I think it’s gotten us pretty far today. I don’t want to go back to the days where leeches were used to cure headaches. I am also a fan of tolerance. I believe you can believe whatever nonsense you want as long as you don’t shove those fairy tales down my throat. I kinda like open-mindedness. If you’re gay and want to get married, it doesn’t rock my worldview to allow you to buy rings and eat cake and live together as husband and husband or wife and wife — whatever your situation may be. Good for you, I say. The world will go on.

There’s a lot at stake this election. If the Republicans find electoral success through the Tea Party and these radical, über-conservative candidates that is where they will head. They will tailor their policies and beliefs to where the votes are, even if it means damaging this country. When the rhetoric on the Right, especially the Tea Partiers, is so divisive, (see: Obama is a Communist, Muslim, Liar, Socialist, etc.) there’s no way they can compromise when they get into congress. Their use of hyperbolic language will have sealed off any bi-partisan road. So, what will happen? Nothing. Nothing will get done and we’ll be arguing about the same bullshit in two years. Which might just be their plan.

From the moment we elected Barack Obama to the presidency the Republicans have united in preventing him from getting anything done. They knew that if he did well that it would spell more trouble for the party that was reeling after the disastrous eight years of W.

Here’s the deal, Bush had way more success passing his legislative agenda than Barack. He passed No Child Left Behind. He misled us into war against his pappy’s old nemesis. He enacted his tax cuts that led to the massive debt this country racked up under him. He passed the Orwellian named Clean Skies Act which eased regulations on polluters. He was the man when it came to getting shit done! Except, those policies are mostly destructive and unpopular.

NCLB is a bureaucratic clusterfuck for the public school system. The War in Iraq is a complete drain on our resources and a recruiting tool for our enemies. The tax cuts did not spur the economy — remember, the recession began under Bush. And Clean Skies is anything but.

So, Bush was despised for the very things he stood for and accomplished, while Obama is despised for… what? Health Care reform? Most Americans are wildly clueless as to what is in the bill. Republicans are deeply against it, whether they’re aware of its contents or not. The Right loves to banter about lower taxes and the deficit, but the Health Care bill is actually going to lower the deficit, not increase it. It’s not surprising that Republicans don’t educate their own about the true merits of Health Care reform when their overall goal is to prevent Obama from succeeding at anything, then they can point to him and say, ‘what a failure’, all the while blocking everything he’s attempted.

Republicans put party over country. That is what is meant by, ‘Take Back Our Country.’ Don’t be fooled by the catchy slogans and the demonizing of our president. They just want power again. And now they rolled out their Pledge To America, the same gambit they used in 94. Hey, if it worked once, right?! Except what happened with that congress? Nothing. Newt Gingrich jizzed in his pants trying to impeach Clinton, all the while engaged in his own extra-marital affair, and the government came to a standstill. Which, I guess is fine if you’re a fan of the status quo.

And that’s what this is about. The Status Quo. The Tea Party members are not the voters that pulled the lever for Obama, these are not folks that ever wanted Change — despite the propaganda that this is a grass-roots, Independent movement. (see: the recent announcement that Republicans and Tea Party members are going to unite) This is a charade pushed on the media and gullible voters by powerful, rich conservatives to hijack the national conversation and prevent Barack  from making good on his campaign promises.

If they succeed, if Republicans gain back control of Congress, we’re going to see little change coming out of Washington. It’s back to business as usual. Letting Wall Street run unchecked. Allowing Health Insurers to deny suffering patients’ claims, deny people from insurance for pre-existing conditions, and generally make a mess of our health care. Pushing a theocratic view of civil rights, ie: make gays second class citizens again.

I am not buying into the hype. The answer to our problems is not to go backwards, to not put people who are extreme and out of touch in positions of power. This is perhaps the scariest prospect should the Republicans gain control of the Senate. Chew on this for a second…

Sen. James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma, who would replace Barbara Boxer as chairman of the Committee on Environment and Public Works if the GOP recaptures the Senate, believes that global warming is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

We don’t need politicians that want to ‘starve the beast’, who believe that corporations should decide what’s best for our country, who think Global Warming is a fraud!

If you’re wishy-washy about this election and are planning to sit it out because what you see on the TV and the news is discouraging and you’re not that enthused about Obama’s leadership, you’re falling right into their plan. This is politics. This is how it works. And the Right is damn good at it. Let’s not let them use negative fear tactics to usurp power away from those that voted for change in 08′.  We don’t need to go backwards.

I’m a progressive. Damn proud of it. And I’m going to keep moving forward.


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