I’m a Shipwreck

I’m a shipwreck.
I’m a bounced check.
I’m a deserted observation deck.
Come enjoy my views.

I’m a lost puppy.
I’m a swallowed guppy.
I’m no barroom brawling toughie.
Knock me out with one punch.

Lay this rose at my feet and step on my toes.
Put thorns around my head and ignore the blood.
I’m on a road to nowhere and it’s packed with people.
Where’s a flat tire and a highway killer when you need one?

I try to dance but I don’t know how to lead
and I don’t know how to follow.   I want to dance
on tables, but I’m not Cain and I’m not Abel.

Put this heart in the microwave and watch it shrink.
Pour salt on this open wound and listen to it sting.
Rip the watch from my wrist and tell me the time.
Race me ’round the moon and run me  dead tired.

I’m dead. Tired. Looking at these swashbuckling eyes.
I’m so over staring in the mirror. Over doing my hair.
I want to cut it off and color a tattoo on my arm that says,
“You’re doing it wrong.” I want to wake up refreshed for once.

I want to throw out my clothes and walk around in robes.
I want this ennui to finally gormandize me, obliterate me,
vellicate me until my bones break from the shaking.

I want to be new…


7 thoughts on “I’m a Shipwreck

  1. What an interesting poem. We’ve all felt that at times – that desire to shake off what we are and what we’ve become and begin anew. You captured that feeling perfectly.

  2. Woohoo!! Your wordplay and imagery really took me on a ride!!
    You have, so perfectly, depicted how one feels when frustrated and helpless!

    Thank you for sharing this amazing poem with poetry potluck!!! Loved the read..

  3. WOW, i really love EVERY LINE of this poem!!!! so so so so so sosos ssoosososososooooooo good! oops, got carried away there with the so and so.

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