In Your Bullseye

Lately I’ve been dreaming in IMAX.
Lately, my plots have had no climax.
I’ve been tossing in the washing machine,
Lost, washing my pastures of green.

I fell in love, all the way, I could see.
You told me to wait, to stand by the gate.
You saw me coming with my lopsided gait.
You  didn’t pay your share, I paid the whole fare.
You ran off with that country lad to the county fair.
I immediately started sinking, down to the sea.

Tomorrow’s a better day, what a lie!
Tomorrow better roll over and die.
I’ve been thinking of changing cologne.
I’ve been thinking of staying alone.

The carpet is rolled up.
The stage is swollen.
The curtain is dropping.
The bunny ears are flopping.
The waves are rolling.
The card tables are folding.

Where can I run to escape,
when the escape routes are circular?
Where can I hide,
when the hiding places are translucent?

I ring the dinner bell.
I show and tell.
On the ocean, I raised the sail.
I rose and fell.

I thought we’d do well.

In your bulls-eye,
I was William Tell
I shot for heaven,
but only hit hell.


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