Buenos Aires Street Art


3 thoughts on “Buenos Aires Street Art

  1. the street art pictures you have here are uniquely strange – not exactly like any other street art anywhere else. bizarre almost, there is something kind and/of scary about it. though it wants to be light or pensive, a dark spirit below the surface animates the images. its sense of humor would have to be black somehow. but it is intriguing and even satisfying. the distortions of form look
    oddly innovative and yet related to history. which makes them look both new and old at the same time.
    the art in buenos aires is sort of ‘in yer face’. even at the modern art museum. and la Boca too. a lot of it is political street rave, the art for sale at la Boca tries to reflect a colorful place and improve economics. i got a beautiful yerba mate’ gourd cup there.

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