Out Pass The Tire Fire (I Am Not A Rose)

The birds sound like Nazi tanks.
This heart is a Saharan slot machine,
Pull my lever and get three 7’s.
6 m16’s in my eyes do you realize,
Time is a small lifeboat capsized?

There’s no advantage to these bandages
Wrap me up in managed care, but you’re
Unable to manage… caring.

The scavengers wait with breath bated
I made it through the plains with death delayed
By dressing up in fine threads.
With a smile of dread I passed all the animals
Conceived and elaborated by my mind,
And the music my mind played.

If you thought there was more to me
You were wrong.

I listen to Elliot Smith in the morning.
I run 6 treadmill miles in the evening.
I cut my lip speaking jagged truth to you.

We are solitary creatures…
We are nests disturbed…
We are cartoons being erased…
We are beds being made and unmade…

Ships pull into port.
I stare at the sea.
Oil floats in the gulf water.
You were in shorts.
Kids play hop scotch in the street.
You were holding an umbrella
Although there wasn’t a cloud for miles.

You spoke my name,
but it wasn’t my name — I am not a rose.
You said you liked tigerlilies
so I brought you a tiger named Lily.

Out pass the tire fire, in the toxic lake,
floats a three-eyed frog on a red lily pad.

From behind these walls, ghosts watch you.
You spend your life trying to make them proud.
It’s strange how you dance when there’s no music.
But that’s why all the boys fall in love with you.

Cut me loose so I may fall out of your tree.
We jerk when we descend into sleep.
Order key lime pie in coffee shops.
Flinch when rapacious love finds us.

The sparrows light for the telephone wires.
I take out my scalpel and edit my heart.

If you’re lost adrift let your boat float to my shore.
The waves speak languages I’ve never heard before.
If you think you have it figured out don’t let me know.
This world is too beautiful to be just some dumb show.

Blow out your birthday candles
And throw the cake in my face,
For you’re a jolly good fellow.

Don’t be sad, it’s okay,
All my friends think I’m lame.


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