We Are The Daily Grind

We wake up before the alarm goes off, wiping the night’s dreams from our eyes. We immediately get in the shower. We shave. We rush to get dressed. We stumble out to our cars, join the morning flow. We listen to our Ipods, portentous songs preparing us for the day.  We wait at lights cursing other drivers. We get to work bitching about traffic. We return emails worrying about our grammar. We attend meetings daydreaming about the yellow sun. We snack on apples when they’re available, granoala bars and other sundry items as well. We joke about how it’s only Tuesday and Friday can’t come soon enough. We peruse Internet sites in small windows as not to get caught. We gossip around the water cooler. We walk to lunch, happy to be away for an hour. We munch on sandwiches and sip coca colas. We settle in for the afternoon, biding time until the end of day. We reply to emails we sent earlier in the day, answer questions to emails sent to us. We work with people we never see. We see people everyday we don’t know their names. We count down the last hour, eager to be free. We descend to the subterranean parking lot in the elevator with a smile on our face, proud of the job we’ve done.

We are the daily grind.


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