Down I’ll Go Singing

Buried in a booth in my blue vest,
eying the birds from my new nest.
A beer bounding down my throat,
re-reading everything I ever wrote.

Are you the hole my ostrich-head finds?
or the explosion my feet uncover stepping on the mine?
As the jukebox plays and my mental gears grind,
are you the perfect circle that appears when the planets align?

I stopped at this bar for one more
to daydream about mi amore.
The words fall from my mouth to the floor
and lie there to be swept up by the janitor.

“Are you real?” I ask.
In the sunlight the lizards bask.
We change colors like chameleons.
Our hearts beating like champions.

We’ve come this far
in boats and planes and cars,
on the sidewalk with our arms scarred
wishing upon dying stars
to save us from fighting these wars,
on the back of the bus to Mars
halfway through our tours.
You and I were swimming through the sewer,
like fools seeking out foolish jewels.
And one day, we’ll find them…

Until then, I’m a happy pilgrim.
Just a lad, sad about the scrimmage,
but smiling for the cameras
while they’re filming.
Socrates pontificating at the plethora
of people lip-balming at Sephora.

We all want to share in beauty,
think we’re all just little cuties,
drenched in duty-free perfume
at the airport, I play doom for sport.

This is my last ounce of beer.
I wish you were here…
I take a sip and it disappears.
No matter how much I wish,
You still don’t magically appear.

I could order another one, and then one more
till alcohol is pouring out my pores.
But you can’t light the dark with a blanket,
and you can’t make someone love you with a spanking
so I pass on drinking, I’ll just sit here thinking…
The whole world has sprung a leak and is sinking,
but if you’re in my boat than down I’ll go singing.


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