People Talking Loudly On Phones

Tuesday night I got stomach poisoning. I woke up in the middle night feeling sick. The sheets were shockingly cold and I was violently shivering, my bones knocking together doing a viral jitterbug. I thought my jaw was going to fall out of my mouth. It was awful, frightening.

The next night at bowling league I was in a zone. All my rolls were hitting the sweet spot of the pocket, crushing the pins perfectly every time. I bowled a 197. My best game ever.

We still lost the match.

Saturday night. People are up and walking around the apartment  building. I hear doors opening and closing and people talking loudly on phones. We work all week in eager anticipation for two days where we can forget it all. Suffer it all for a brief respite where we can laugh and dance and not be “responsible”.

I cooked salmon for dinner and ruined some spaghetti squash. I’m staying in and looking forward to reading my book. I’m being “responsible” tonight.

My life is not exciting.

I’m okay with that.

I’m giving away a bunch of clothes to the homeless this weekend. I’m getting my Thanksgiving do-goodery done early. It’s a good opportunity to make room in the closet and slim my wardrobe down,  making it leaner, more organized. I found some things that I haven’t worn in three years, yet I hesitated whether I should keep them or not.

Screw it. I’m getting rid of most of it. It feels good. Better on some homeless dude’s back than the bottom of my closet.

It’s amazing that my conscious can be cleared just by throwing away some clothes. Who gets the better end of this deal? The homeless? Or my ego?

I wish I knew how to make my own potpourri from the trees and bushes growing in my neighborhood. I’d start with fresh lemon peel, then add something cinnamony.

Speaking of smells, I love the smell of Hawaiian leis. It’s hard to be in a grouchy mood with one of those things dangling around your neck.

This world would be so much sweeter if everyone planted some pleasing aromatic plants in their yard.

Besides the obvious suspects, my least favorite smell is burnt popcorn.

We go all the way around the globe to find pleasing smells, spices, foods. We’re animals that feed on pleasure. They say money doesn’t buy happiness but if we didn’t try Civilization would fall apart. Certainly the Forum shops at Caesar’s Palace.

Can you think of the perfect sound? A campfire crackling? A wave breaking on a desolate beach? Your child calling out Mommy, Daddy? Have you ever cried at a concert because the music was so moving?

We swim on the water and surf on the sea.
If I told you you could have it all would you at all believe me?


3 thoughts on “People Talking Loudly On Phones

  1. wow this is great. for potpourri just cut the herbs etc and hang upside dwn and dry, for lemon peels you have to cut the pulp away entirely, lay them flat on something not absorbant like a baking rack
    covered with wax paper or foil. then when they are all dry put it all together and crush in some cinnamon sticks. if the scent needs enhancement dont hesitate to add a scented oil and mix it around and redry
    and i really recommend greek oregano, sage, thyme and rosemary in the garden for a wonderful whiff collection as you pass and they are really easy to grow
    i believe

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