Walking Corn

I’ve been thinking about what I eat and trying to improve upon my normal diet of burgers, pizza, and the occasional chicken sandwich — that’s if I’m feeling healthy. I’ve been trying to eat more sushi and green tea, because that’s the staple of Japan and those motherfuckers live a long time, and sushi is tasty. Plus fish is brain food supposedly. Omega-3 and all that.

Ancient Aztecs used to refer to themselves as ‘walking corn’ because they believed, as the saying still resonates today, you are what you eat. And they survived off of corn. It was sacrilege to let corn sit around on the ground. We in America eat a ton of corn, whether we realize it or not, we drink a lot of corn, we wrap meat fed on corn in breading made from corn starch. We are way more corn than the ancient Aztecs. We just don’t appreciate it, nor even care.


What does this mean? Corn isn’t bad for us, is it? Well, scientist believe that the reason modern red meat is as unhealthy as it is is due to the cow’s corn diet. Cows were evolutionarily designed to eat grass, not corn. When we consume so much of it, in everything we eat, our dietary balance is out of whack too. Bad for the cows, bad for us. Moderation is the key to everything in life.

The thing is, corn is hidden in foods we normally don’t think it’s in.

It’s in your soda. But not Mexican Coke. That’s why it’s so tasty, that and the cool bottle. Not only does Mexican Coke taste better because of the use of cane sugar, it’s better for you. High Fructose Corn Syrup is turning our kids into giant fatties. It has as much to do with the obesity epidemic as super-sizing your fries and vegging out in front of the playstation.

Fat Kids Newsweek

All this corn working its way through the American diet is not by accident. The government, along with Cargil and other gargantuan agribusinesses, have initiated policies that promote the overgrowing of corn and the lowering of its price, for their profit. They run the entire operation, from the buying of corn to the use of it in almost every food product imaginable, and they keep it under wraps and secretive. What do you have to hide, Cargil?

A McDonald’s Chicken McNugget is only 53% chicken. A large part of that tasty, little crunchy snack is corn. Not that much of it is chicken. Corn is even broken down and used in the wrapping of food products. We’re practically swimming in the stuff.


There’s an excellent book called The Omnivore’s Dilemma written by Michael Pollan that explains all this corn-spiracy way better than I can.

From Wikipedia:

Pollan begins with a deep exploration of the food-production system from which the vast majority of American meals are derived. This industrial food chain is largely based on corn, whether it is eaten directly, fed to livestock, or processed into chemicals such as glucose and ethanol. Pollan discusses how the corn plant came to dominate the American diet through a combination of biological, cultural, and political factors. The role of petroleum in the cultivation and transportation of the American food supply is also discussed.

What can we do about it, though? Besides becoming vegetarians? The easiest thing, it seems to me, is to stay away from processed foods. Stay out of the middle rows of a supermarket! Away from frozen foods, sodas, Twinkies, crap like that.

Another thing we can do is eat grass-raised beef. Sure, it’ll cost more, but it’s healthier, has more important omega-3, and you’re not adding to the density of feedlots. If you’ve driven up the 5 and passed by Harris Ranch, you know these mega-feedlots are a shitty situation. You smell the flood of manure from miles away. It must suck to be a cow in one of those places! Not that being a human in the middle of L.A is much better…

I’m becoming more of sushi freak, that’s for sure. And veggies. There’s nothing like a good piece of broccoli. With some melted feta there’s nothing betta!

Before you right me off as being corny and alarmist, stop and think about what you put through your body on a daily basis, and how it makes you feel after wards. The proverbial after-lunch food coma doesn’t have to be…

Most animals are concerned about two things, sleep and eating; okay, three things if you include procreating. That seems to be about the only thing we’re still concerned with these days, getting our hump on. I’m going to try to eat right, I’m going back to the basics, I owe it to my body.

Now someone pass me an orange.


5 thoughts on “Walking Corn

  1. this is great, a fun read, and informative. the anatomy of a mcnugget ha ha that is so gross ha ha but it fits. i didnt know about mexican coke. i wonder if i can get it here on the east coast. it sounds so good! it is shocking when you realize how much liberty with health issues the food industry can sleep with, but i suppose its all about the bottom line and oh yes the hump. great piece, aos!

  2. I read the Omnivore’s Dilemma and started to look at how pervasive corn is in our ‘natural’ bath and body products.

    My company makes castile soap and I have created a video called ” Are You Washing With Corn”- view http://mountainskysoap.com/corn.php

    We eat corn and we wash with corn. However, I do like corn on the cob.

    People have to make choices as to what they buy, as that will drive the market, their health and the planet’s overall sustainability.

  3. I prefer a quarter pounder with cheese anyway. Whatever they mix in that so-called-meat is deeee-licious 😉 Have you seen “King Corn”? I missed it in the theaters… I really need to rent the DVD. It’s all about the corn industry making us into Fat Americans. One of my best friends did a commercial for High Fructose Corn Syrup. It played a lot last year. He got paid a lot. He also got hate mail. haha. Poor guy… its better than a Herpes commercial, right!?

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