Everywhere There

The sea monster eats all the ships,
swallowing them down with ease.
The captain smokes a cigar.
The Shuffle Music Gods blessed us tonight,
played every single one of our songs.
The wine was free flowing and fine.

There are electric clouds
hovering overhead.
There’s a light down by the pier.
There’s an onshore breeze
carrying the stench of dead fish.
There’s panic on the crosswalks.


Let’s make a break for it.

There’s a kid with a balloon, staring at the sky.
Everywhere you look there’s a sky and a moon.
There’s time syphoned through a looking glass.
Everywhere we go there’s glass and light things.

A small falling star lands on the water and shimmies.

I got halfway through Infinite Jest and gave up…
I moon-walked outside Captain EO and played PacMan.
I climbed rocks in Joshua Tree and hopped on a soul bus…
I was born in the 70s and came out disco dancing.


You can find your own way up.

The place you are, right now, is special.
Your home, the fountain, a weight lifting bench,
The ants in the grass, the sheep in the field, are blessed.
As are we, fitting into this cosmic scheme.
The sky above and Earth below,
balancing each other out
in perfect equipoise.

There really is no other place you could be.
It’s where you are, it’s hard sometimes to accept.
I’m making photocopies. I’m baking a lasagna.
I’m washing a dish. I’m parking my car.
It’s all so staunchly forgettable,
But everything wonderful comes
when you relax and let it.

Big Sur is nothing but a slow drip of time
running through a forest to the sea.
Bigfoot is right behind you
and he wants to be.


All we got to do is believe…

I’ve walked through London in the fog.
Serenaded senoritas in Todos Santos.
We dipped our toes in the Mediterranean.
Lost our minds in Milan.

I’ve gotten drunk at the Sydney Opera House.
Arrested in Palos Verdes.
Toasted the good Gods on a mountaintop.
Bathed in a tub of sweat.

I found my way through a labyrinth
at midnight, underneath prayer flags,
and never found my way out again.


God put me here to create.

And to clean out my belly button…


One thought on “Everywhere There

  1. all these facets collected from poetic observation
    which are cut into the muses diamond asymetrically and gleam in an unusual way resolving with contemplation of the centerpoint from which all placements revolve

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