In The Milieu of This Collapse

The TV screen shows the news…
A million termites run out,
frightened by the light.

In the chaos and the brine,
A sea anemone attaches itself to the bottom of the ship.
The captain is up above, lighting a cigar.
They both sail together.

I’m listening to headphones in a sound-proof room,
letting you read my thoughts like a book.
Watching you mouth out the words.

The orange I am eating is from Australia,
I think to myself that is a long way to go for an orange.
But who am I to question the modern world?

A car rumbles and roars out in the street.
The birds take off for the trees.
I want to tell them not to be scared,
but I don’t see any reason not to be.

“Why are you always so sad?” My dream girl asked me.
I told her, “because you don’t really exist.”

Air atoms swirl in the breeze.
Rust grows on the tailpipe.
Cell phones undulate on the tabletop.
Strippers shoot tiny plastic guns.
John Berryman killed himself for poetry.
Buddha sits quietly under a lotus tree.

My dream girl asked, “Is this a work of art
or caving in?”
I throw the pages into the air,
watch the wind ravish them,
words scattering like lotus.
“There is no difference.” I say.

Your blue eyes pierce mine.
I was lucky to look into them once.
I saw the ocean of possibility
disappear into the horizon
when your eyelids crushed down.

I hope to die wearing my tuxedo,
so you can drop me straight into my coffin
and dance, dance, dance at my wake.

The sparrows, the crows, the mockingbirds.
Fly. Fly. Fly.


3 thoughts on “In The Milieu of This Collapse

  1. it seems tragic and lonesome and makes me wonder why but i will say that these primary senses are awakened in it, it has so much, from the taste of imported orange to breathing in the underwater world and beyond the horizon. and my guess is they are all part of what turns art into life and vice versa so one can fly fly fly with distinction

  2. I’m really into mixing nature imagery and technological realities — if that makes any sense, and if not who cares — so that the blending results in a kinda lost state. At least I hope that is the result. Mostly I look out the window and see if anything makes sense — which hopefully it doesn’t. Huh? Yeah.

  3. oh yeah that makes total sense, and the beauty is how those diverse elements work together, in this case to create the lost state. like you, i like to use odd juxtapositions because of what i think of as a ‘ping pong’ effect, like oh. then, huh? then whoa then wha? (keeps the brain on its toes) thanks for the great comment today at podbean. it was so great that you got that weirdness because it was something i definitely saw in creating it and wondered if anyone else would. thanks again.

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