The Balustrade

I’ve got splinters in my toes, confetti on my nose.
I move in circles, circling the stem of a dead rose.
I want a wild thing, nothing tamed.
I want something without a name.

Even the King of Hearts is just a playing card.
Eating off of paper plates a salad of shards.

You keep moving around this planet and I can’t keep up.
Dancing in the kitchen, toasting wine in a plastic teacup.
You keep painting pictures of the sea and I can’t see why.
Sailing around the big blue bay, flying through the pink sky.
I thought you weren’t real until you disappeared….
Now I feel you everywhere, you’re always near.

The months turn into years that turn into memories
that eventually turn into moths that live in your heart
and one day they’ll escape and become distant history
and you’ll realize that you were wrong right from the start.


I was never that keen on being mean, 
I never meant to be your Queen,
So stop sulking and acting obscene,
she screamed. And one last thing.

Oh, oh. Oh, one last thing.
I’ll take you to places in my heart
that were never meant to be seen.
Oh, oh, oh.  

You had a home made of many rooms
but only sat in one.
You had servants to serve you, lovers too,
but you only loved one.  
And it wasn’t me. 

This house of cards leans and sways,
the breeze blows, the walls quit
I watch it fall holding onto the balustrade 
Now it’s my turn to pick up the shit.

Pick it up.
Cherish it. 
Every hiccup.
Every tender moment of silence.
Every lost second
will only expedite
our eventual reckoning.  
But you were counting on that.

I’m spreading out the bedspread
while you stick the pillow over your head.
I can’t sleep with the light on, you sleep in mascara
and it’s really bright in Alaska.

It’s really bright on the ice.
The sun only goes down once a year here.
It’s really nice in the light. 

I want a wild thing, nothing tamed.
I want something without a name.

Acting out the play. I am the actor
that forgot his lines. Mapping the places
I’ve stayed. I’ve stayed everywhere

Let’s keep moving around so we never 
have to touch the ground.  
Let’s keep lying to each other so we never
have to risk being unsure.

(jotted down quickly, urgently, and without reservation
— the Sparrow King)


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