Today Is Going To Be The Day (or tomorrow)

Today is not going to be like the others.

You’re going to do that piece of street art you’ve been planning for seven months. You’re going to make stencils and wear ripped jeans. Your ideas are going to come alive. Time is nothing but buttons on your coats.

There is nothing stopping you.



(not me)

You are going to go out into the city and search out all who are hopeless and lost and point them to the Way, into the loving, compassionate arms of the Universe. You are going to reinvent what it means to spread joy.

There is too much to lose.

Perhaps, all of it.


(except the blues)

You’re going to write something important. Something that describes what it means to be you, what this world is all about, being alive today, in this age. It’s going to be daring and original and absolutely no one will read it! It’ll be outlawed and you’ll be incarcerated by the State.

There is so much to say.

And I am ready to hear.


(I’m listening)

We’re going to put on our clothes, drive our automobiles to the mechanic, and exist fearlessly and pure in spite of it all. We’re going to defy convention and established rule and live our lives to match our soul’s dreams. Even if it kills us.

There is a wonderful life to be had.

I want to be had.


(if only we were not so dumb)

We are not going to be afraid — even though it’s easier that way. Even though there are spiders, ghosts, and dark corners, and haunted woods. We are going to be brave and blind dancers. Dancing in the basement.

There’s nothing left to kill.



(even spiders deserve to live)

I’m going to invest in time and not just a watch and I’m going to grow as a person. I’m going to learn a different language and immerse myself in other cultures. I’m not going to bellyache anymore. I want to be the type of person that smiles at everything.

There is so much joy to share.

So much joy.


(It’s a matter of recognition)

I’m going to swim, fly, dance, sing, recite poetry. I’m going to shake hands and take a bow. I’m going to open up my heart and toughen up. I’m going to start a religion and when it fails start another one. I’m going to offshore the deities. It’s going to be immaculate.

There is another world within this one.

Within this.


(it’s full of chaos and beauty)

I am going to be here now, as the mystics say. I’m going to be radiant and brilliant. Educated. Enlightened. Engaged. Today is full of possibilities. There are crystals in the glass and pearls in the grass. There are fish fossils in the asphalt. The sun is up and golden. Today is like no other.

There are none as special as this one.

This one day…


(or tomorrow)


4 thoughts on “Today Is Going To Be The Day (or tomorrow)

  1. Deanna turned me on to your site, you should truly be published. I like this one in particular, can imagine having read something like this in AP English and dissecting every word. Love it.

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