Fish, Dogs, Haunted Houses, and Lucid Eyeballs

A revolution
the blinds, the cat, this heartache
A zombie’s deathwish

We walk into the sun
talking about things that passed
Wearing old denim

Fish jump up and dance
On glistening tabletops
While birthday cakes melt

I break from structure because I’m afraid
of the way things were, or will be.

I decide to erase the lines in the sand
and take as pets termites in the haunted house

Lucid and kind, she flashed her beguiling eyes,
but they never landed on mine, just some distant spot
somewhere behind the mirror she stared into…

Rivers softly stop
Waves scream and then gently break
Bottled time is naught

Pens write the writer
The dog scratches at the door
Knives stab the killers

I can type a poem a haiku a suicide note
I can cook salmon make a pie bake a roast
But I can’t catch this butterfly without a net


One thought on “Fish, Dogs, Haunted Houses, and Lucid Eyeballs

  1. jeepers, that is totally captivating from start to finish, so full of poetic flow and gripping images, what a treat, thank you!
    ps. you r such a fine writer, i always enjoy reading your workds here

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