The Bar With No Name

There’s a new bar in the neighborhood and it’s so fresh that it doesn’t even have a name. On my credit card receipt it says Black Bird but after speaking with the bartender that name isn’t yet official. Another suggestion being tossed around is Midnight Special, so who knows what it’s going to end up being called, and that doesn’t matter, it’s the drinks, the atmosphere, and the jukebox that really define a watering hole.

When I first walked in here I mistook the sign on the jewelry store next to it for the name of the bar and called it Bling. I was really pleased to hear it isn’t the name of the bar for it would surely date itself in about, say, twenty minutes with a name like that. It’s located on the south side of Melrose next to Floyd’s Barbershop, in the space that used to be The Gig. The new owners added an outdoor smoking patio to the front of the venue and you can’t beat that. Another thing you can’t beat is the addition of a pool table in the back, the only one on Melrose Blvd. The vibe of the place is chill, a little rock and rollish, and spacious. There’s plenty of booths to lounge in and fall into arguments about whether Milk, Slumdog Millionaire, or The Reader should win Best Picture- -as my friends and I recently did. The other upside: cheap prices. Six dollar shots and Four dollar beers. And the jukebox? A good collection of classic rock and new stuff. When Where Is My Mind? by The Pixies came on I wanted to buy whoever made that selection a drink.

So check out Black Bird, Midnight Special, Bling or whatever you want to call it until they settle on a name. The bartenders are friendly, they play things The Rolling Stones Circus, or episodes of He Haw on the telly and it’s not yet flooded to the rafters. Speaking of the rafters, they have some really high ceilings with beautiful wooden beams that give the room a nice open feel. It’s definitely a pleasant new addition to the neighborhood; a worthy stop on any Melrose Bar Crawl.


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