Holiday Parties And Why I Love My Job

Last night was my company Christmas party. It was held at the event deck at the brand-spanking new L.A Live. The event deck is basically a room in a tarp on top of the parking garage. Still, it was big and the music was loud and the spirits were grand.  I got festive for the occasion with a new belt and new slacks I bought earlier in the day. 

Considering it was for E Entertainment this wasn’t your typical egg nog-schmooze with the boss-photocopy your butt affair. There was  a huge dance floor, video games set up, the ladies were dressed to the nines, and the booze was freely flowing. My friend was gracious enough to drive,  so I could get appropriately sloshed, and afterwards we nightcapped at Pink’s – just down the street from my new place. It was a good night. A much needed bit of levity.

L.A Live is across from the Staples Center and the smoker’s patio looks across at the house where the Lakers have been smacking teams around this season. Strobelights flared around the sky, flashing off the tall glass buildings surrounding us and I have to admit that I dug the downtown vibe.

I know thanksgiving was last week but the party reminded me that I love working in this business. I’ve been to other Holiday parties which are stuffy, corporate affairs. One such borefest in previous years took place at the Ronald Reagan library. Gawd that was sleep-inducing. This party was like a giant club; but filled with everyone you know, and some you don’t but wouldn’t mind getting to know.

And the other day at work there was a debate about the exact cadence the Kool Aid Man delivers his “oh yeah”. We youtubed it to solve the argument.

Half the time I don’t even consider what I do work, it’s more like: trying to come up with jokes, watching a lot of sports, and ragging on each other in between. Reminds me a lot of being 22 and hanging out with my friends. But now I get paid to do it.

Life is good…

Now let me get back to it.


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