Tire Gauges Or Oil Rigs?

Hey, McCain, what are we going to do
when the oil under the ocean runs out?

That’s what makes this whole Drill Now! campaign so disingenuous. He knows it’s a fleeting half-solution that won’t have any  real benefit on the price of oil, and negligible effect on the entire economy – which he is as culpable for its shabby condition as all the other Geezers that followed Bush’s butt the last eight grueling years like a team of sled dogs! 

What McCain also knows is that handing the oil companies this golden ticket will put our shorelines at risk of oil spills and blight the ocean with rigs and platforms and hairy men sleeping in bunks. There’s got to be a solution that’s cleaner. And more long term. McCain is only thinking ten years ahead while the problems we are facing have much longer shadows than McCain will ever see. Barack Obama’s vision covers the next 25 to 50 years.  

This emotional appeal to our primordial brains is part of the Republican strategy. Drill Now! is the cousin of Kill Em’ All!, the bastard child of Peace Through Strength! The Republican Party gave birth to a dysfunctional family of crude ideas. The type of family that wants to drown its own government in a bathtub.

At its essence, Drill Now! ideology suggests that, on the whole, it’s a net benefit to stick oil rigs in the ocean, and continue to pollute and use gas, because we will save a mere fraction on gas, pennies, in 7 to 10 years. Meanwhile, the dollar’s devaluation and inflation pretty much wipes out any of that help. Yet, this illogical urging works with folks that have a closet full of snake oil and an over-sized, over-priced sport utility vehicle in the garage.

Do we really think we’re at the point of such extreme measures? We still use twice as much energy as Europe and pay half as much for it. Are we really such babies? The Republicans in congress are hollering like Mel Gibson is running through the streets of D.C in leather and spikes, pointing their finger at Democrats — like it wasn’t them in power the last 8 years — they’re acting like a kid who broke a vase and then tries to blame it on the dog sleeping in the corner. And it’s just that, an act.

Cheap Political stunts do not make you a Maverick, McCain, it makes you a slighty stodgier version of Bush!

Obama is right. We should check our tires, and drive more conservatively and less often; and instead of mocking practical solutions while demanding short-sighted ones, McCain should practice a little more “straight talk” with the American public. Would I rather have light rail in L.A that cuts down on smog and traffic, or oil wells in the Santa Monica Bay? Would I rather give  money to scientists and innovative, small companies or the steer-humping fatcats at Exxon?

It’s time we look ahead. It’s time someone led this country who has a fresh vision, whose scope in life and intellect allow him to confront problems at their core, instead of resorting to gut reactions and Biff Tannen posturing.

Propely inflated tires can save you 3 percent on fuel economy, or roughly 12 cents a gallon.  That’s close to what we’re going to get out of McCain’s plan. We can get the same paltry benefits from slowing down, driving less, and making sure our car is in proper shape, not to mention buying Hybrids. We don’t have to tear up our shores to do it. We just have to think more long term. A tire gauge or an oil rig? what makes more sense to you?

We need to be mindful of our energy, wasting is it akin to littering.

I do my part. Anytime I accidentally catch a glimpse of Hannity’s America I’m compelled to shut off the television and pick up a book, or sometimes I just sit in the dark and shiver. That man is scary!

I’m trying to save water as well. I leave my watering pot in the shower to catch the extra runoff while it heats up. I feed my plants with the water that used to wash down the drain. Anytime I’m in the shower and I start to daydream and linger longer than is necessary I look down and see the watering pot. It reminds me to hurry the hell up!

I keep a cactus on the shelf in the bathroom to remind me we live in a desert.

I don’t towel-dry immediately either. I squeegee the droplets from my skin and shake my hair around. I get half the moisture off on my own so I have to wash my towels half as often. It allows you to become intuned with your body. Not in any erotic or perverted way, but I believe you should touch and feel and really know every part of your body. Every day. These are my feet. They take me everywhere. They are good to me.

And this is California, ‘if it’s yellow leave it mellow’ is part of the reason they call it the Golden State.

Like, I said, I do my part. I give a piss.

They’re little things, but they’re easy things, and once you do one it leads to another and then another until green is the natural way you go about your day and do things. Instead of just turning off your T.V you unplug it from the wall.  You only get a new cell phone when the old one no longer works, not just because next year’s model comes in chrome. You have an apple tree in your backyard because they taste good, and that makes sense.


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