This Is Our Time!!!

It’s been awhile since I wrote about politics. I was overloaded early on by the Primary and had to take a break and wait it out. Do other things. Now that it’s Obama against McCain, I can return to what I love.

Talking shit about politics!

I love this match-up. It couldn’t be more black/white.

Wait, whoops… I mean night/day.

This is a bigger choice than just Democrat/Republican. Liberal/Conservative.

This is between reaching out to the future, or clinging to the past. A past, I remind you, stained with blood and racism!

John McCain’s supposed appeal is his “patriotism” because he was a “war hero”. A hero because he was shot down and held captive. Brutal. No doubt. But this doesn’t make one more qualified to run the country forty years later. And if the Republicans want to argue it does, I’ll ask them straight-up why they didn’t think that eight years ago, when they voted for draft-dodging Georgie!

And it’s more than fair to ask what Vietnam taught John McCain. He is still on the wrong side of that conflict, one of those that truly believe what went wrong is we should have dropped more bombs on the Vietnamese and kept our mouths shut at home. That’s the America John McCain would love to see.

It’s a shame, actually. I sort of feel bad for McCain. If it had to have been an Republican president, I wished it had been him the last eight years over our current one. If Republicans hadn’t fallen under the influence of the religious far right, and if South Carolinian Republicans weren’t full of shit and bigotry, McCain might be leaving office right now rather than trying to attain it.

It’s just not going to happen!

Here’s a few obvious reasons why:

  • Barack Obama thinks before he speaks, then is articulate on the spot. John McCain babbles, talks in tired Republican cliches.
  • Barack Obama has Jay-Z and Sheryl Crowe on his Ipod. John McCain thinks Sherly Crowe is something Dick Cheney tries to hunt.
  • John McCain divorced his wife and married a much younger, blond heiress who steals cookie recipes. Barack Obama married a strong, independent woman, with a career and drive of her own.
  • John McCain wants us to tear up our shorelines for a few more trips to the mall in our Yukons. Oh, and tear up the Yukon Territory too! Barack Obama wants to create a total green movement that will revolutionize our economy and free us from the oil addiction that is causing all this mess.

People tell me all the time, “Yeah, but Obama can’t do all that by himself.”

Um, no shit! He’s going to get all of us to do it! It’s up to him to steer this ship, not man every fucking oar. 

“But he’s just pretty speeches.”

Yeah, but pretty speeches is what makes someone get up and do something.

“What has Barack Obama done in the Senate?”

What do you think makes a great leader?  Powers of persuasion! Not authoring bullshit bills in the Senate. What is John McCain’s legislative glory? [chirp chirp] I’m waiting.

Give George Bush the best speechwriter and he’ll still sound clueless and unconvincing. I’ll still scratch my head and wonder why the hell this guy is sitting in the oval office, speaking to me on every channel. We didn’t put Abraham Lincoln on Mt. Rushmore because he wore a flag pin to the office every day.

And Barack has already proven himself to be a natural born leader. His youth is not a knock on his character, rather it makes it all the more impressive. He has achieved so much, so quickly, for a reason! He inspires. He works tirelessly. He loves what he does; helping people, organizing, bringing communities together. He doesn’t want to sit in the senate for thirty years and wait his turn like a good soldier.

He wants to bring his gifts to the capital to inspire, and bring us together. Yes, with a lot of pretty speeches. And his tremendous gift for reason, for thinking through the issues and questions of the moment. They say you can see how a candidate will be president by how they run their campaign. And Barack has kicked everybody’s ass at that. Ask Hillary!

That’s the choice. We can go with the brilliant rookie. A person of this era, who proudly boasts “I have pieces of America all in me”. A man who represents where we’re at as a country. A man who still had student loans up to a few years ago. 

Or we can go with the dude who thinks the only way to show love for your country is to kill people from other countries. Who owns seven homes and makes his assistants send his email for him because he doesn’t know how to, and has never used ‘the Google’. This guy is going to lead our tech-based community? You have got… to be kidding!

I’ve been seriously invested in every election since 2000. But not like this, this one has my whole soul in it. Gore and Kerry got my vote. Obama has my heart.

It is time for my generation, those under fifty, to take the power away from the old farts that have been screwing us over for the last thirty years. I’ll say it! They’re the ones who got us in this hot mess! They’re the ones that gave all the power to the oil and car companies. Who let the lenders use American homes like slot machines. Who want to refight Vietnam every ten years.

It’s not his age that makes John McCain too old to lead our country. It’s his mentality.

I’m not going to follow the dinosaur over the cliff like a lemming.

This is our time!!!


Barack’s our man!


4 thoughts on “This Is Our Time!!!

  1. I had my 83 year old, republican Poppa who is up visiting from Culver City read this blog. We were having a heated political discussion over dinner. I had him read it so that he could see how fired up other people of my age are over this election, and see ‘the other side’ of the political debate. For 30 years he was a Democrat. He is now registered Republican, but says he votes for the man, not the party. Here is what he has to say in response to this blog (these are his observations, NOT mine, by the way):

    As far as McCain not being able to email and etc.:
    Eisenhourer did not even know how to drive a car or use a phone. Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer.

    He wants to know just what has Obama done to improve things. And he’s done nothing noteworthy in the Senate, he’s just been a ‘yes’ man, he hasn’t sparked anything.

    McCain is not considered a war hero. He was a prisoner of war. How could he do anything heroic while a prisoner?

    Why doesn’t Obama put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance? That doesn’t make my Poppa feel like he has his heart devoted to this country.

    As far as separation of church and state, why is Obama preaching in churches? He should not be campaigning in churches.

    Two democratic Presidents, FDR and Truman knew how to run the White House and get things done. Obama does not have that ability of character, or at least he hasn’t shown that he has that. Hillary is a tough woman who could have done a better job at being President than Obama. But, if Obama choses her as a running mate, it will be all over for Obama.

    My poppa grew up in Chicago. Lots of experience with politicians there, he saw and was involved with first hand, and really shadey stuff he can tell you. He wants to point out, that every politician to come out of Chicago dishonest to the core. He’s afraid that Obama has been groomed to be as slick as he is, which can easily also be compared to a con-man, if you look at it from that point of view.

    My Poppa wants you to read today’s (6/29/08) L.A. Daily Breeze. or page A17. “Blacks shouldn’t rule out McCain” Larry Elder’s editorial. Specifically:
    “You also might want to familiarize yourself with the history of the Democratic and Republican parties, and see which party has stood up longer for the rights of people of color. Do you know that Democrats opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution — abolishing slavery, granting citizenship rights to newly freed slaves, and guaranteeing the right to vote (at least on paper) to blacks, respectively? Do you know that most of the politicians who stood for segregation were Southern Democrats? Do you know that the Ku Klux Klan was founded by Democrats, one of whose goals was to stop the spread of the Republican Party? Do you know that, as a percentage of the party, more Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

    Do you know that inner-city parents want vouchers — the right to determine where their children go to school? Do you know most Democrats, including Barack Obama, oppose this? Republicans, for the most part, support vouchers. Where vouchers have been tried, kids appear to perform better, with higher parental satisfaction. You tell me, how many things are more important than a child’s education?

    “Do you know that blacks stand to benefit more than whites through Social Security privatization, a position opposed by Obama but supported by McCain? Are you even familiar with the issue and what a powerful income-generating vehicle it would be for blacks? If not, take a look at the research done by the libertarian think tank Cato Institute and the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation.

    Porous borders enable illegal aliens to enter our country and threaten the jobs and lower the wages of Americans, many of whom are unskilled people of color. Which party is more determined to deal with this — Republicans or Democrats? Obama called the foes of the House anti-illegal immigration bill “ugly and racist.” I did not support the bill, but vehemently object to characterizing those who did as “ugly and racist.”

    You speak of policies that have “proven not to work.” What about the “war on poverty” that began in the ’60s, the policies that Obama and his party want to continue and expand? Do you know that today 70 percent of black children and over 50 percent of Hispanics are born outside of wedlock? The welfare state — which Democrats want to expand — has played a huge role in discouraging marriage and destabilizing families.

    Compassion is not about making people dependent on government. Compassion is about encouraging personal responsibility, and getting people to understand that life is about making choices. Poverty does not cause crime. Crime causes poverty. Poverty does not cause a child to have a child. A child having a child causes poverty. Finishing high school is a choice. Not joining a gang is a choice. Not having a child until you have the maturity and the means to raise that child is a choice.”

    I’m not sure what all of the above had to do with what you wrote in your blog, but he wanted me to put it in there. Actually he wanted me to put the entire article, but I didn’t.

    So there you go Matt, you should duke it out with my Poppa I think. He doesn’t know how to use the internet either, but he still thinks his opinions are valid, and that with age and maturity, there is more ‘life experience’ despite not knowing how to use technology.

    My Nana wants to chime in here on your comment that McCain can’t even use email:

    Henry Ford didn’t know how to do many things, he had no business law knowledge, so he HIRED a lawyer, etc. And look what he accomplished!

    ‘Frankly I don’t think either has the answers. But McCain has served his dues. He’s been been tortured, he must have fortitude.’ she says. By the way, ‘McCain is still friendly with his ex wife. His current wife and ex wife get along, and his current wife gets along with his children. They are all on friendly terms, and that shows the ability to use understanding rather than shear emotion in dealing with people in life.”

  2. Hi Guys,

    I’m glad you are all able to talk passionately about this stuff and still get along. Must make for some lively dinners.

    I apologize for not being able to answer all these points, as, frankly, some are beneath answering, but I’ll take a stab at it and hopefully I don’t offend anyone.

    This is how I see, plain and simple.

    I heard a whole lot of fear about Obama as a super-liberal from the 60’s — which you can’t find evidence of that in speeches or platforms of his. Frankly, sounds like a whole lot of regurgiated fear-mongering. Same stuff I hear from my pops.

    Conservative Free Marketer Thomas Friedman can tell you that the world we’re in is completely different than the last 50 years. We no longer have an advantage but face competition from India, Europe, China, etc… like never before. It’s a tech driven world economy — having the slightest clue about it would help. Either the tech part, or the economy part. McCain himself has admitted he doesn’t know much about either.

    Civilizations often collapse when the leaders become comletely detached from the everyday lives of the population. They fail to act and make changes because they don’t see what’s happening. An Ivory Tower kind of deal. It’s good for the president to have an idea how the daily American gets by — cell phones, email, culture, student loans — it may seem insignificant, but it matters.

    Now is a good time to also inform you that that stuff about Obama not sticking his hand over his heart for the pledge is nonsense. More smears to cast doubt. There’s a famous picture that has been misconstrued to be the pledge when it was actually the star spangle banner, which doesn’t require the same hang over the heart salute.

    It’s one thing to oppose the policies. It’s another to tell lies.

    My father is around McCain’s age, he has no idea what it is like growing up, looking for jobs, surviving in this modern world. He is a good man, but he isn’t equipped to lead a nation of 300 million. Obama is more like the average American than good old boy McCainm believe it or not. Yes, it may be hard to swallow but diversity is good. Youth is good. And since when is 48 young?

    Larry Elder, my favorite hack, is the one who is making Obama’s race an issue with these questions. Why bother telling me about how social security would benefit blacks? Obama is not a black activist, is that Elder’s intention? What is Elder implying he should be doing? Pushing programs because they help blacks?

    I think Elder is just looking to to cast doubt on Obama’s character while reminding Republican voters to keep looking at Obama’s glass as half black.

    As far as seperation of church and state and giving speeches in churches, show me a politicians that doesn’t do that! You seriously think McCain doesn’t campaign in churches? Have you seen George Bush’s pandering to the religious right?

    As far as Illegal Immigration. You are aware that McCain authored the bill Republicans were so upset with? And now doesn’t support it. The man of integrity. FLIP FLOP. Very polished. Those Arizonan politicians, you can’t trust them!

    As far as the moral crises affecting the inner city. Barack has given amazing speeches concering our need to become better parents, turn off the video games, to assume the responsibility that comes with bringing life into this world. Who do you think will make people listen? to stop and actually listen??? McCain? please!

    Your arguments, I say with respect, are rooted in a world that no longer exists. This fear of 60’s style programs is unfounded. Barack is talking about renewable energy program and International Diplomacy… not welfare.

    I know I’m not going to change your mind, I just ask that you give the man a fair shot and listen to the words he says, not the republican pundits whose job it is is to make you fear him.

    Oh, and if you think it’s a mark of character that McCain has kept on “friendly terms” with his ex-wife, well, then it must be really impressive that Obama has stayed with his current wife even though there’s that hot, young Obama girl leaving all those songs ofr him on Youtube.

    Youtube: It’s a website.

    It brought down the careers of various politicians who didn’t understand the modern media landscape. Remember George Allen of Virginia. McCain might want to look Youtube up.

    Wait, I forgot. He can’t. Maybe if he gets one of those young interns to do it for him. One of those kids in their fifties that always scampering around the Republican campaign offices.

    Yes, I make fun of McCain’s age. Why? Mostly because it’s funny but it’s also vitally serious that our President understands what’s going on, and isn’t stuck in an obsolete mode of thinking. These are critical times. I want the wisest, most passionate, inspiring and thoughtful man in the office.

    That’s it. It’s rather simple.

    McCain doesn’t cut the mustard.

    M. Woolsey

  3. “I think Elder is just looking to to cast doubt on Obama’s character while reminding Republican voters to keep looking at Obama’s glass as half black.” What a great sound bite, Matt. Love it!

    My pop’s hasn’t woken up yet but he’ll be reading your response when he does! Yes, we have VERY lively dinner conversations, you can imagine! I try to bite my tongue but I am known for not being able to!

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